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This check-in tool is used for tracking visits to the ASC and reporting on usage. It has administrator tools which allow for some customization of staff, reasons, and also allows for edits to be made to particular check-ins.

Accessing the Tool

Navigate your web browser to and log in using your MBU credentials. Once you've logged in, click the ASC Check-In icon under Academic Success Center.

Using the Tool


When you first access the tool, you will be defaulted to the Check-In screen. From here you can scan barcodes to search for students in order to check them in to the system.

The default search searches by Student ID and works with barcode scanners. Additionally, users have the ability to search by last name when clicking on the Advanced Search link.

Once you've searched for a particular student, information about the student will be returned to the user.

Below the information, Academic Success Center employees have the ability to choose a Reason for Visit, to assign the student to a Staff member, and (if applicable), to choose a class from the student's schedule that is associated with their visit. Additionally, users can identify that this visit counts towards Athletic Study Hall requirements.


Once a student is checked in, they are added to the Queue and their time is tracked. Students can be checked-out of the system by tapping the large red Check-Out button. You may also search by name or ID in the search bar to filter the queue down to a specific student. Students utilizing Testing Services are highlighted in blue.

Administrator Features

Certain functionality is restricted to administrators and go beyond what a normal user would require.


The reporting tab gives a dashboard of information about visits to the ASC based on time period.

The Time Period is selectable and can be updated by an admin as they see fit.

The different pieces of information include:

  • Number of Visits
  • Average Length of Visit
  • Average Number of Reasons Per Visit
  • Average Number of Visits Per Staff
  • Frequent Reasons for Visit
  • Frequent Courses
  • Counts of Student Types

Raw data is included when it is appropriate.

Admin > Manage Check-Ins

Managing check-ins gives administrators the ability to edit the details of a particular check-in after the data has been collected.

Once you have found the particular check-in you'd like to edit, click the Submit button to see the details of that particular record.

You will then have the ability to edit all parts of a check-in. Click the Save Changes button once you are done. You may also Delete a check-in if it was created erroneously.

Admin > Manage Staff

Managing staff allows you to Add, Enable, Disable, and Delete staff members from being listed in the Staff dropdown on the check-in screen.

NOTE: Deleted staff will still be listed in reports.

Admin > Manage Reasons

Managing reasons allows you to Add, Enable, Disable, and Delete reasons from being listed in the Reasons dropdown on the check-in screen.

NOTE: Deleted reasons will still be listed in reports.

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