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Accessing the Check-In System

To access the Academic Success Center Check-In System, log in at using your MBU network credentials. Upon login, you will be presented with a menu of resources you are eligible to use based on your account permissions. Select the Academic Success Center Check-In icon.


Check-In a Student

Once you've accessed the Check-In system, you will be prepared to check in a student. You can use a barcode scanner to scan student IDs into the highlighted blue box.

Upon submission of a valid Student ID, you will be presented with information about this particular student. In the gray box near the bottom of the screen, you will see some dropdown boxes.

  • Reason(s) for Visit– Select one or more reasons for the Student's visit to the ASC.
  • Course(s) – If applicable, you will be able to select one or more courses from the Student's schedule to associate with the visit.
  • Staff – Select one or more ASC staff members that will be working with the Student.
  • Athletic Study Hall – If the Student is visiting to fulfill their athletic study hall requirements, check this box.

After you have make the appropriate choices, click the Check-In button.

View the Current Queue and Check-Out a Student

At any time, you can view the Queue tab to see who is currently checked-in at the ASC.

To check a user out, click the big red Check-Out button.

Add Staff and Reasons to Check-In Selection

The Reasons dropdown list and the Staff dropdown list on the Check-In screen are custom lists that the ASC can manage themselves. Click the Admin navigation dropdown, and select either Staff Management or Reason Management.

From these screens, you can manage the active staff or reasons that appear in the dropdown lists. You can activate an inactive staff or reason by clicking the (plus) sign. You can deactivate an active staff/reason by clicking the (minus) sign. Reasons can be deactivated and then deleted by clicking the trash can icon. This will not impact reporting data that was historically associated with that reason.

To add a new staff member or reason for visit, click the appropriate Add New ... button. Fill in the appropriate blanks, and click the Add Staff/Add Reason button. The new staff or reason will appear in the active list.

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