Step-by-step guide

  1. The Outlook Mobile application from Microsoft is the preferred mobile client for MBU email:

  2. To set up your MBU email on the native mail client on Android devices, continue. Note that these settings may be different depending on the maker and age of the device.

  3. From the Settings screen, scroll down to the Accounts heading and tap Add Account, then Exchange (may be Corporate on older versions). 

  4. Enter your business email address in the form - tap to the next step and you will be asked to enter the same password you use for your email. 

  5. Your device will notify you of the permissions you are required to give in order to use an Exchange account on the device. Agree to these permissions and continue. 

  6. Review and change as needed: sync frequency, notifications, items to sync, or other options offered, then complete the configuration. If it asks you to set a name for the account, make it something easy to recognize when you are switching between MBU and personal email, like "MBU Email".

    You may have to delete a previous Exchange account to add a new one. You may do this by tapping the Menu button on your device or the three-dot menu button on the screen and selecting Remove Account.