Step-by-step guide

The Outlook Mobile application from Microsoft is the preferred mobile client for MBU email:

To set up your MBU email on the native mail client on Apple devices, continue. Note that these settings may be different depending on the maker and age of the device.

iOS 11 Mail app (later versions are similar)

  1. On the home screen, tap Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account.

  2. Tap Exhange and enter your full email address (, an optional description, and tap Next. When you get a pop-up asking to "Sign in to your '' Exhcange account Using Microsoft?", select Sign In.

  3. A Microsoft login page will appear and this is where you will type in your password and tap Sign In. If you are asked to grant iOS Account permissions, tap Accept.

  4. After it logs you in, select which features you would like to sync, then tap Save.

You have successfully added your Exchange email account on your iOS device.

Depending on how much data is in the mailbox, it might take some time before your information is completely downloaded into your device.