This article will guide you through the process of finding and adding a shared printer at MBU. Please note that MBU tracks your printing in order to charge appropriate printing costs to your department. 

Start by choosing the set of instructions that applies to your computer's operating system. 

  1. Open the settings app. This is the gear in the bottom left corner of the start menu, shown below. (Or, the keyboard shortcut to open the settings app is to simultaneously press the windows key+"i")

  2. Select "Devices"

  3. Select "Printers and Scanners" on the left side of the menu (1), and then "Add a printer or scanner" (2).

  4. A list of MBU shared printers will appear. If you see your printer in this list, you can select it to add it (1). If you do not see your printer in this list, you can select "The printer that I want isn't listed" to continue finding the printer you would like to add (2).

  1. Select "Find a printer in the directory"

  2. In the Find Printers window that opens up, you can search by name or model. Select the printer you're looking for to add it.

    By default, this menu will show a list of all printers available (see the screenshot below).

    If you need to use one of the Konica Minolta MFPs, you will need a copy code. See this KB article for more information on getting and using your copy code.

  1. Open the Managed Software Center (1), select Categories in the menu at the top (2), and then choose Printers (3).

  2. Find the printer you want to add (1) and click "INSTALL" (2).

    Clicking "INSTALL" will download everything necessary to install that new printer. When ready, the Managed Software Center will take you to step 3 below.

  3. After clicking "OK" (1), select "UPDATE ALL" (2) to finish installing the printer.

For BizHub MFPs that require copy codes, see the Configure BizHub Driver Account Track Code KB article for step-by-step picture instructions to set up your copy code.

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