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To reset your password without using a third-party email address, follow the steps below.  For information about choosing a secure password, read Password Best Practices.

 Contact the IT Helpdesk by phone at 314-392-2377 or by email at and notify a tech about your desire to reset your password.

 The tech will verify your identity and will set a temporary password for your account.

Once the temporary password has been set, navigate your web browser to and log in using your username and the temporary password the tech gave you. The website will display a message that says: "Your password is expired. Click here to change it." Click on the link ("here") to proceed with changing your password.

The website will require you to immediately change your password (from the temporary password to something else).  This ensures that the tech does not have access to your password.

Once you have submitted the form with the proper information, you will be notified of the successful password change. Please refer to Password Best Practices to assist in choosing a secure password.