This is a rough draft and will be changed soon with more detailed information.

Power Projector ON/OFF:

Point the white remote at the projector.

  • ON:       Press power button once
  • OFF:     Press power button twice (pause in between each press)

Display Options:

Point the rectangular black remote at the HDMI switcher (at the base of the lectern) and select the desired input.

Wall Display

Lectern Monitor

A1 – Computer

A2 – Laptop

A3 – Apple TV

B1 – Computer

B2 – Laptop

B3 – Apple TV


Use the white remote to adjust the volume level.


1)        Insert the DVD in the computer’s disk tray.

2)       Open the VLC application (orange traffic cone logo)

3)       In the menu bar at the top of the window:

  • Select: Media → Open Disk → Play

Document Camera:

1)       Open the Presenter application (green IPEVO logo)

2)       Make it full screen by selecting the two diagonal arrows in the top right corner.

3)       Left click on the screen to add/remove the control buttons.

4)       Focus the camera using the focus button in the bottom right corner.

Apple TV:

1)        Connect the device to WiFi and enable Bluetooth.

2)       Connect Apple device to Apple TV.

3)       Enter on-screen code into device.

4)       Set device to mirror display.

Presentation Clicker:

Turn the clicker on by using the switch on the top left side. Please turn it off when you are done.



Black Screen

Full Screen



Laser Pointer