BizHub 601 MFPs that require an Account Track Code (copy code) for printing must have this code entered in the print preferences of the print object on the user's computer.

  1. Navigate to the devices and printers control panel item. Search the start menu for Control (1), then select Control Panel (2).

  2. Select View devices and printers located in the Hardware and Sound category. (Or, search for devices and printers in the search window).

  3. Right-click on the BizHub (1) and select Printing Preferences (2).

  4. Click the button labeled Authentication/Account Track.

  5. In the User Authentication/Account Track window that opens up, enter your 5 digit copy code into the Password field (1). To check if it works, click Verify (2). If it works, click OK (3), and you're all set, you can close any other windows.