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Note: Webinars available Thursdays 8am Pacific. Must sign up at least 1 day prior, by 2pm Pacific.


After logging in, click on the “Help” link to access all Videos, Help Guides, and Support Information:

Sign Communications and Hardware:  888-595-3956   

SM Infinity Software:

Graphic Requests:


Using the Doodle Online Message Editor:

To create your own messages go to the Doodle Editor, click on “New Project” and begin creating! Instructions are available from the “Help” link.


Uploading Files to Your Library:

To upload your own media files, go to “My Graphic Library”  and press the “Upload” button to begin. We accept standard file types, including JPG/PNG for images, and AVI/FLV for videos.


Making A Graphic Request:

If you have purchased a Monthly Content Creation Package…..

  • Login to SM Infinity and navigate to “My Graphic Requests”, then click on the blue boxes to expand them.
  • Tell us what you want the message to say and if you want a still image (50 points) or a moving video (100 points)
  • Select the display you want the message to be sized for.
  • Schedule the message now OR wait to schedule it once you’ve approved the content.
  • Add comments for the designer to reference. Specify what you envision, or just tell us to be creative. You can also attach reference images, and add website links.
  • Click “Send,” and our designers will have something back to you in about 1-2 business days.


If you don’t have a Content Creation Package...

We strongly encourage you to utilize our graphic design team for custom dynamic content to make your LED sign pop. Your LED sign is an extension of your brand and image. Better content means better visibility and results from your sign. To purchase points or a monthly package simply navigate to “My Spectacular Account” in SM Infinity.


Scheduling Content:

Put Doodles, graphic requests, or your own files onto your display from the “My Schedules” section. You can add multiple Playlists with their own scheduled time periods. Each playlist can contain multiple media files. Instructions are available from the “Help” link.

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