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Before you do this, make sure the user you are helping has been given appropriate approval to edit the email group for their department!


  1. Open Active Directory. Find the distribution group for the department that needs to be managed. These are typically in Distribution Groups or Department Groups - Legacy.
  2. Right click on the group that needs to be managed and select Properties. Select the Managed By tab and Change... to set the user as the manager of this group. Check the option to update the membership list. 

  3. Now, logged in as the user (or remotely connected), navigate to \\mbufs2\distribution\install packages\distribution group management icon. Copy this icon to the user's desktop.
  4. The user can open this icon and search for the group they need to manage.
  5. Right click on the group (when found) and select Properties. The user can now add or remove users from the email list. If the "Manager can update membership list" option is not checked, the add and remove buttons will be grayed out (as shown below).