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University Communications asks that you create and use an email signature using the following guidelines and images:

To maintain readability when sending to those outside MBU who may not have the same custom fonts installed as you do, please use the Calibri font, which is built into Microsoft email clients.

You can copy from below and paste the entire block of text and images into your email client. The images are sized for use in email clients. The text in this article cannot be pre-set to Calibri, so please select that in your email application's signature editor.

FirstName LastName | Title

One College Park Drive | Saint Louis, MO 63141 | 314.nnn.nnnn

Your email client can automatically add a signature to new emails that you create.

Step-by-step guide

Please see the Microsoft knowledgebase articles below for how to create and use your email signature:

  1. Outlook on Windows:
  2. Outlook on the Web:
  3. Outlook for Mac:
  4. Outlook for Android and iOS do not support images in the signature, but you can edit the signature text:
    1. While in your Inbox, tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner 

    2. Select Settings.

    3. Tap Signature in the settings menu to edit your signature.

  5. Other mobile email apps on Android and iOS are similar to the Outlook app above, and should be changed so that you are not ending messages with something like "Sent from my iPhone", a little advertisement for mobile device manufacturers that they built in to their email apps.