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Wi-Fi calling is a feature that allows mobile phones to use Wi-Fi networks to place and receive calls even when a cellular connection to the carrier's wireless towers is weak or totally unavailable.

Device Support

The iPhone 5c, 5s, or newer will support Wi-Fi calling if the phone is running the latest version of iOS. Most new models of Android phones support Wi-Fi calling. If you are unsure if your mobile phone supports Wi-Fi calling, check with your carrier.

Carrier Support

Wi-Fi calling capable phones will have the Wi-Fi calling option available only if the carrier supports it.

  • AT&T: Began supporting Wi-Fi calling in October 2015. All current phones should be supported.
  • Google Project Fi: Wi-Fi calling is integral to the network's strategy, but as of summer 2017 supports only Pixel & newer Nexus phones.
  • Sprint: Began supporting Wi-Fi calling on some Android models in early 2014, all new phones should be supported.
  • T-Mobile: All phones sold by T-Mobile support Wi-Fi calling since 2016.
  • Verizon: Supports Wi-Fi calling for Galaxy S6 & newer Android phones, and iPhones with IOS 9.3 and newer.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling in iOS

Apple iOS

If your iPhone and carrier both support Wi-Fi calling, you can enable it by following the steps below:

  • Connect your iPhone to a wireless network. While on campus, connect to the MBU Open wireless network name.
  • Go to Settings - Cellular and turn Wi-Fi Calling on.

When connected to wireless and Wi-Fi calling is on, the word "Wi-Fi" will be seen next to your carrier's name in the status bar. For example, if you are a Sprint customer, you will see "Sprint Wi-Fi" in the status bar.


The Wi-Fi calling setting for Android phones is in a different location for individual carriers and versions of Android. See the carrier links below, or call your carrier for assistance enabling this feature.

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