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Step-by-step guide

  1. Right-click Contacts, select New Folder, name the folder whatever you prefer, select OK.

  2. Select the shared contacts group. Select the contacts you want to import. (If you want to import all contacts select one, then press Ctrl+A, this will select them all.) Press Ctrl+C (or right-click) to copy the selected contacts. 

  3. Select the contacts folder you created earlier. Inside the contact field (the field that normal shows the contact names) press Ctrl+V to paste the previously copied contacts.
    Lastly we need to export the contacts to a file. Select File, Open & Export, Import/Export, Export to a file, Next >, Comma Separated Values, Next >

  4. Make sure the new folder you created is selected, select Next >.

  5. Select Browse.... Save and name the file to whatever you prefer.