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This tool allows users to pull a refund batch that is then sorted, split, and insertted into the appropriate tables in CAMS so that Financial Services staff can validate, verify, and issue student loan refunds.

Accessing the Tool

Navigate your web browser to and login with your MBU credentials. Once you have logged in, click on the Refund Batch Split icon.

Using the Tool

The Home screen allows you to choose three pieces of information:

  • Term - Select the term you'd like to run a refund batch for.
  • Batch Size - Select the size you'd like to split each batch into (e.g. if you have 150 total records and choose a batch size of 100, you will create two batches of sizes 100 and 50).
  • Ed Express Database - Select the Ed Express Database to check for current Parent Loans. These are updated every year.

When you click Process Batch, various things happen behind the scenes:

  • A refund mega batch is generated, containing students who are eligible to receive their student loan refund.
  • That refund mega batch is checked for Parent PLUS Loans, to determine which loan refunds should go to the student's parent instead of the student. These records are segregated into their own mini batch post-fixed with a 'P' to indicate they are the "parent batch" (e.g. TMS2017-01-01-P).
  • The remaining records in the mega batch are sorted alphabetically and then split into chunks based on the choses Batch Size. Each of these chunks is given a Batch Name that is post-fixed with a number identifier (e.g. TMS2017-01-01-1).
  • Each of these mini batches are inserted into the BillingBatch table.
  • The user is then presented with a table view of all batches that were created and have the option of exporting that data to CSV.

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