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The Fitness Center Check-In System is designed to manage check-ins and registrations for the SRC Fitness Center.  This guide will help with completing tasks and provide workflow for using the system.  

Generally speaking, before any person may use the Fitness Center, they must have completed a Recreational Activity Waiver.  This can be done by following the instructions for Completing a Recreational Activity Waiver.

Accessing the Tool

To access the Fitness Center Check-In System, navigate your browser to and log in with your MBU network credentials.

Upon login, you will be presented with a menu of resources you are eligible to use based on your account permissions.  Select the Fitness Center Check-In icon.

Using the Tool

Check-In a User

The default screen when first accessing the Fitness Center Check-In application is the Check-In screen. Simply use the barcode scanner on the ID of the user to attempt to check him/her in. If the user does not have an ID, you may type their StudentID/EmployeeID using the keyboard.

Clicking the Advanced Search link allows you to search by First Name and Last Name and choose a user from a list of results. This is a "fuzzy search", meaning that partial names will work as well.

Once an ID is scanned or selected, the system will attempt to check-in the user.

If check-in is successful, you will receive confirmation.

If the check-in fails, you will receive a notification with messaging as to the particular reason why.

Display Information About a User

The search tool is the same on both the Check-In and Information screens. You have access to scan by ID or to use the Advanced Search to find a user. Below the search bar, you will see a table of Recent Check-Ins. Clicking on the User ID link in this table will automatically retrieve user information for that ID.

On the Information screen, you will not attempt to check-in a user when you search for them, but instead information about the user will be displayed.

When you search for a user on the Information screen, you will receive back several pieces of information:

  • User Information - General information about the user, including name, gender, ID, student/employee information, etc.

  • Fitness Center Information - Information specific to the Fitness Center (e.g. Recreational Activity Waiver completion)

  • Visit History - Information about when and how often the user has visited the Fitness Center.

  • Notes - Information that Fitness Center workers add to a user's account to notify others of information (e.g. when a payment is received; inappropriate behavior; etc.)

Add a Note to a User's Account

  1. Navigate to the Information screen and search for a user.
  2. Scroll to the Notes section of the page and click the Add New Note button.
  3. Fill out the form with the information needed (Note Type and Description).
  4. Click the Add Note button to save the note.

A Note Type of Payment will automatically email the Fitness Center director.

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