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This module allows the user to pull data either from submitted applications or from CAMS student records so that information may be imported into Hubspot.

Accessing the Tool

Log in to and select Hubspot Data Export under the Admissions section.

Using the Tool

You can select your data source by clicking either the Admissions Data or CAMS Data buttons.

Application Data

This data source pulls information as the applicant submitted it on their application. Thus, certain information should be regarded as "self-reported" and not inerrant.

The Application Data export tool provides some search criteria to effectively choose the population of applicants you wish to pull data for.

Once you have selected your search criteria, click the Get application data button.


The CAMS Data export tool provides an up-to-date snapshot for students in the midst of their application and enrollment process. It pulls official information (test scores, GPA, etc.) based on supporting documents the applicant is required to submit for admission.

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