The IT Department makes sure to approve the latest Windows updates to be installed on MBU-managed devices. Computers connected to the MBU Network at 4:00am-7:00am on Wednesdays received these updates automatically.

However, sometimes devices do not check into MBU servers to get the updates they need because they are not connected to the MBU Network. Sometimes, this can be a connection issue which needs to be troubleshot, but the most likely reason is the computer is not on campus at the time of updates.

Laptops are particularly susceptible to this lack of updates since they can be kept off campus for months at a time. These updates are important not just for the latest features but also for the most recent security updates.

If the IT Department notices a device has not received updates in over 60 days, we may ask you to connect your device to the campus network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and run the updates. This is not the typical plan for updates but may be necessary in special circumstances.

To install Windows updates:

Step 1

Login to your device with your MBU credentials. Once you are logged in, select the Start menu in the bottom left corner of your screen. Once the Start menu opens, select the Settings gear. You can also open Settings by pressing Windows Key + I.

Step 2

The Windows Settings window will open with several options. Select Update & Security from the list.

Step 3

Selecting Update & Security will open the Update & Security menu. It should default to open with the first option, Windows Update. If you do not see Windows Update at the top of your window, you can select it from the list of options on the left.

Step 4

In the Windows Update menu, you may see one of a few options.

If you have a button labeled Check for updates, select it; Windows will then search MBU's update servers for any necessary updates which must be downloaded and installed.

If you have a button labeled Install now, select it; Windows has already downloaded the updates, but you must begin the installation process by selecting that button.

After updates are installed, you may be asked to restart your computer. Save any work you have not already saved and select the Restart now button. Your computer will shut down, and depending on the size of the update, may take some time to reboot.

Once your computer has restarted, check for updates again to make sure every update has been successfully applied. If so, you should see a message under your Update Status saying "Your device is update to date. Last checked: Today," followed by the time you checked for updates.

Step 5

If you were contacted by the IT Department via a Helpdesk ticket, please respond to that ticket letting us know you have applied the updates. We will double check our servers to make sure the device has checked in to our update service, and if the updates were successful, we will close the ticket.

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