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All main campus MBU staff who order toner for laser printers:

Our campus agreement with CDS Office Technologies requires that we purchase all main campus laser toner cartridges through CDS. Requests for toner should be sent to, specifying the printer make, model, color, and quantity needed. Once the order is placed, the requester will receive an emailed invoice. A PO request should be submitted with the total amount of the order, and the PO number should be sent to CDS as soon as the PO is issued.

Unopened laser toner can be returned for credit, depending on how long it has been since the purchase. The amount of credit decreases as the time since purchase increases. Inquiries about returns and amount of credit should be sent to, specifying the toner manufacturer's part number and the date purchased. If you do not know the purchase date, CDS may be able to look it up for you.

The benefit that we receive from this agreement is no-charge printer service on all campus printers. We are charged for parts, but we are not charged a trip charge or an hourly rate for labor. Outside of the current agreement, we would be charged a $60 trip charge, plus $120/hour labor charge, minimum $120 charge. Many small and/or older printers would not be worth taking the chance that a service call would be cost-effective.

We cannot pick and choose which printers we want to be covered by the agreement—please be aware that purchasing toner from any other source is a violation of this agreement.

Please send any questions to