The MBU Scoreboard requires various configurations and support. This article may assist in troubleshooting/setup.

If there are issues configuring the network side of the software/dongle outside of the configurations/specifications below, the company we spoke with over the phone was AJT Systems (A Division of Daktronics) which specializes in broadcast graphics. They will be able to assist over the phone and via remote sessions to the PC/Laptop running the Scoreboard software. 

The particular issue we have had in the past was getting the Daktronics scoreboard in Lacey Gymnasium to send data through the All-Sport CG to the MOXA Serial Device Server, through the StarTech Ethernet Network Adapter and into the broadcast graphics computer – Livebook GFX. Depending on the issue, we will need to loop in the Networking Engineer and possibly contact AJT Systems support which was done by Adam Samson in the past. 

Below is instructions for Configuring IP on the StarTech Dongle for All-Sport CG and Ethernet Port List for Lacey Gymnasium Equipment/Tech Closet. 

Instructions for Configuring IP on StarTech Dongle for All-Sport CG

Open Control Panel
Click “Network and Internet”
Click “Network and Sharing Center”

Unidentified Network – Connections will likely say Ethernet 2

Status Box will pop up and you will click “Properties”

Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Click Properties and click to use the following IP address:

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:

Leave the rest blank and click Ok, Close, CloseStartech and Serial Converter need to be on the same network so they’re talking to each other is IP address of the Serial Converter

Ethernet Port List for Lacey Gymnasium Equipment/Tech Closet

Port 125 – Upstairs Port 7
Port 126 – Upstairs Port 9
Port 127 – Upstairs Port 8
Port 128 – Upstairs Port 10
Port 129 – Upstairs Port 11
Port 130 – Upstairs Port 12

Port 8 is the Floor in the Gymnasium
For Wrestling, plug 8 into a live Internet port on the panel (port 11 works)

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