DateMar 05, 2018
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This release adds two new features to the Password Reset Portal (

  1. Real-time complexity check

  2. Passphrase generator

Real-time complexity check

Our password complexity requirements dictate that users select a password with the following complexity:

  • At least 1 upper-case letter
  • At least 1 lower-case letter
  • At least 1 number
  • At lest 8 characters in length

This new feature will notify the user as they complete these requirements in real time as the user is typing.

Passphrase generator

Clicking the  button will open the menu for customizing and generating a secure passphrase. We are using a simplified version of the methodology described in the Password Best Practices article.

Customization options include:

  • Alliterative Words (yes/no) - When set to yes, words in the passphrase will both start with the same letter.
  • Number of Digits (1-6) - Changes the number of random digits to add to the passphrase.
  • Number Placement (beginning/end) - Changes the placement of the digits in the passphrase.

Each time the user clicks the Generate a Passphrase button, a new random passphrase will be generated. When one is found to be acceptable, the user can copy it, close the menu, then paste it into the New Password and Confirm Password fields.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Added Real-time complexity checking.
  2. Added a Passphrase generator.

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