SIP Phone

  1. Press #8 <extension or library number to forward to> #

Analog Phone

  1. Press #8 <extension number to forward to> #11 
  2. To cancel  forwarding, press #8 #10 

Voicemail Follow-Me Forwarding

Not working as of 2020-03. Working with phone consultants to see if this can be enabled.

The full voicemail user guide is attached at the bottom of the Using Voicemail article. These instructions are excerpted from that guide.

  1. Call the voice messaging system (see Using Voicemail) and press <3><1><2><2> from the subscriber’s menu.
  2. The system will ask you to enter a phone number (the call-out number) followed by # and will then repeat the number back to you for confirmation.
  3. To activate this call-out number, press <1>.
  4. To enter a new call-out number, press <2>.  
  5. Once the call-out number is activated, all calls will cease to ring at your office phone and will automatically be forwarded to your call-out number.
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