1. Go to “myMBU” and log in with your user name and new password.

2. Go to “Access” and then click on “Launch.”

3. Select “My Courses” in the left column.

4. Click on the course you wish to enter attendance for.

5. Click on Attendance Entry in the bottom right box.

6. Enter the date for which you want to enter attendance.

7. Please note: If you are teaching a web course, student teaching, directed study, etc. (any course that is not assigned a specific day for attendance) – please click on the “Load Daily Attendance Option” only. You will see a warning that says the class does not normally meet on this day – THIS IS FINE – please enter your attendance anyway. For these types of classes, we ask that you enter Saturday’s date of the week as the attendance date for the course.

8. Once you click on load attendance, you will notice that all of the students for that date are automatically marked as present. You need to simply click on the drop down box next to the student’s name to make a change for that date.


9. Once you have entered the information needed, click on the save button at the bottom of the page. This will take you back to the weekly/daily attendance screen.

10. To choose another course, click on “Select Course” at that top of the page.

11. To enter your grades, choose Direct Grade Submit in the upper right box.

12. When finished, click on click on “Log Out”.

12. When finished, click on click on “Log Out”.