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MBU default power options for all 3 plans are as follows:

Turn off the display: 10 minutes

Lock the current session: 15 minutes

Put the computer to sleep: 2 hours

Customizing Power Options
 Click here to expand instructions

Power options are located inside the windows control panel. A shortcut is also available by right clicking on the battery icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

 Windows 7

 Windows 10

There are 3 default plans available to use; Balanced (recommended)High Performance, and Power Saver. You can customize any of the 3 by selecting Change plan settings.

You can change settings to your liking. Select "save changes" when finished.


If you use remote desktop (different from remote apps), remember that you cannot access a computer if it is asleep. It is recommended that you set your sleep timer to "never" if you need remote desktop access after hours.

Locking Your Session

For security, all MBU machines will always lock after 15 minutes of inactivity. If you are working with sensitive information and need to leave your desk, it is recommended you manually lock your session.

 Below are instructions for manually locking your session.

 Keyboard Shortcut

Simply hold the WINDOWS key and press the L key at the same time.

 Windows 7

If you are on Windows 7, the arrow next to the shut down button will allow you to lock your screen.

 Windows 10

If you are on Windows 10, the lock option is accessible by right-clicking your name inside the start menu.