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Internet connection

Google Account

Google Cloud print app

MOBAP login 

Latest version of Google Chorme (PC, Mac)

Mobile phones 

  1. Mac OS X 10.8 or greater system to share the print queues (desktop version is fine, server tools not required)

  2. Apple iOS 5 or greater devices to print from

  3. Android Phone


Google Cloud

Printing from PC

Printing using Google Cloud print can only be done from Google Chrome

Download google cloud printing application (PC)


Sign into your google account

Add Google Cloud Printers (

To print from PC you must have Google chrome open before trying to print

open application or web page(only in google chrome) you want to print

click print

select Google Cloud Print as printer

Google Chrome will open with the list of printers you installed 

Click on the printer you want to print to

on next window you can adjust the settings to print

at bottom of page click print

Go to

Sign in with mobap account

release your print job to start printing.


Printing from phone

go to app store and install google cloud print app

open App/web page you want to print

click the more options button and then click on share

choose print

choose what printer you want to print to

click print

log into

go to print release

release print job to printer.


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