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This tool allows for users to register devices on the domain so that they are usable in an environment with port security enabled.

Accessing the Tool

Navigate your web browser to and log in using your MBU credentials. Once you've logged in, select the MAC Address Registration icon under General Applications.

Using the Tool

 For Personal Devices

Registering Personal Devices

Upon opening the MAC Address Registration Tool, you will be directed to the Personal Device page.

To register a new device, simply type in the MAC Address of the device you wish to register and click the Submit button.

Once the device is registered, you will see it listed in the table below.

You have the ability to Delete the registration for a currently registered devices at any time by returning to this page and clicking the icon next to the device you wish to unregister.

 For University-Managed Devices

Registering University Devices

IT Techs will be presented with additional choices over and above the Personal Device page. On the University Devices page, IT Techs are able to manage the MAC Address registrations for devices used by students, faculty, and staff on campus.

Simply select the following information and click the Submit button.

  • Device Category
  • Name (e.g. Phones should be listed by extension)
  • MAC Address

Upon submission of the form, you will see the newly registered device in the table below.

IT Techs have the ability to Delete a registration, or Disable /Enableif need be.

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