This process is intended to assist supervisors with the hiring and on-boarding process for regular full-time and part-time hourly staff.  This excludes Federal Work Study student workers.

For questions regarding this process, please contact your immediate supervisor.

Hiring Checklist

This checklist should be completed in preparation for hiring a new employee.

  • Review Policy & Procedures manual 
    PPM 1.023 – Policy on Hiring Regular Staff & Non-Student Hourly Employees

  • Job description approved by Sr. VP and submitted to President’s office
    PPM 1.023.C – Planning and Forecasting

  • Available funds for approved position confirmed by Business Office
    PPM 1.023.C – Planning and Forecasting; Job Specification and Position Description

  • Publish job description, conduct applicant search, and choose candidate
    PPM 1.023.C – Locating Applicants; Assessing and Selecting the Final Candidate; Follow-up

  • Complete and submit “Employment Approval Form” for the selected candidate
    **Located at: under “Employee Forms and Resources”
    • Obtain signature from Business Office confirming available funds
    • Obtain signature from Sr. VP
    • Obtain signature from President

On-Boarding Checklist

This checklist should be completed after the employee has accepted an offer and the “Employment Approval Form” has been completed and approximately 2 weeks before the employee begins work.

  • Schedule meeting with employee BEFORE start date to complete the following:
    • Complete payroll and benefits paperwork
      **Employee is required to bring acceptable identification from I-9 List of Acceptable Documents (USCIS Form I-9, Page 3:

    • Confirm start date/time
    • Discuss parking arrangement, desk location, etc.

Once the payroll and benefits paperwork has been submitted to Payroll, a welcome email will be sent to the new employee congratulating them on their new position and orienting them to MBU services and systems.

  • Complete the “Employee Setup Request Form” BEFORE start date
    1. Navigate your web browser to
    2. Login using your MBU username and password
    3. Click on the Employee Setup Form icon
    4. Complete the Employee Setup Form (Email with questions)
    **A completed employee setup form will generate an IT helpdesk ticket, and an IT technician will be in contact as necessary.

First Week of Work Checklist

This checklist should be completed during the first few days when a new employee begins work.

  • Review information from Policy & Procedure Manual and Personnel Handbook with employee including, but not limited to:
    • Leave and time off expectations and policies (PPM 5.014)
    • Dress code (PPM 1.013)
    • IT policies (PPM 1.006; 1.020; 1.021; 1.022)
    • Business hours, lunch, and break expectations
    • Mail and shipping (PPM 1.030)
    • Purchase orders and expense reports (PPM 5.017; 5.020)
    • Office resources (copier, printer, IT helpdesk, etc.)
    • Policy on Sexual Assault, Harassment and Other Sexual Offenses (including FERPA and Title IX training)

    ** The Policy & Procedure Manual and Personnel Handbook are both located at: under “Faculty/Staff Resources” in the left-hand navigation.

  • Notify department/campus of new employee

    Possibilities include:

    • Send out introductory email
    • Set up introductions with key personnel
    • Tour campus with new employee and make introductions
    • Assign point-of-contact for the new employee to assist with general questions

  • Verify new employee has awareness of and access to campus systems
    • Computer
    • Email, Calendars (including shared accounts)
    • Phone/voicemail
    • Printing to shared MFPs via PaperCut Printing Instructions
    • CAMS
    • Network folders
    • My MBU
    • Department-specific websites and tools


  • Accompany new employee to Public Safety to obtain employee ID
    **The On-Boarding Checklist must have been completed before an ID can be properly printed.

  • Accompany new employee to Public Safety to obtain parking sticker

  • Other important considerations to be completed as needed
    • Key requests completed by Public Safety
    • Arrange department trainings
    • Order office supplies/furniture
    • Background check completed by Public Safety (PPM 1.028)
    • Long distance phone code issued by Business Office
    • Institution helpdesks (IT, UC, Operations, Public Safety)
    • Text notifications (Text: ‘mbufs’ to 313131)



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