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Mac OS Mavericks or higher is required for Remote Desktop Web Access for Mac. If you are unsure which OS your Mac has, select the apple at the top left, then select About This Mac. It must be version 10.9.X or higher. If your Mac OS doesn't meet the requirements, you’ll find upgrade instructions by going here:

Open the App Store and in the top right corner type Microsoft Remote Desktop, then press Enter. Download and install the Remote App by selecting Install. You will be prompted for your Apple Store password in order to verify the installation.

If you are using an MBU managed Mac, use the Manged Software Center instead of the App Store to download Microsoft Remote Desktop. It is located on the homepage, or in the Business category.

Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, then select Remote Resources. Next enter in the URL field, your email address in the User name field, and your password in the Password field, then select Refresh.

This is your Remote Desktop. Double click the icon you wish to launch.

Make sure all boxes are checked and select the blue up/down arrows (next to Select a folder to access remotely).

Once this window appears you will select Choose. It will take you back to the previous screen where you will select Connect.

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