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This is the recommended, one-time way to add remote apps to your windows PC. After completing this step once, your apps will be available as long as you have internet access. 


 New Reccomended Method

 Open "RemoteApp and Desktop Connections" inside your PC's Control Panel. You may need to select "View by: Large icons" to see the setting. Alternatively, you can search in the start menu and it will appear.

This window will show current remote app connections on your PC. On the left side of this menu, select "Access RemoteApp and desktops" to add a new connection.

In the address box, enter Then click Next to continue. You will be presented with a warning, click next again.

Enter your MBU credentials and click OK. Remote apps will be added.


You will now be returned to this window, confirming you have added remote apps. They will be listed as "Work Resources." If you decide you want to remove the remote apps, you can do so here.

You can now access the web apps on your PC by going through the start menu. They are located in a folder called "Work Resources (RADC)". These apps can be pinned to the taskbar or have shortcuts created just like any other program.

 This is the old method of using remote apps. These steps must be completed every time you want to access a remote app.


 Old Method

 Using your browser go to the following URL


 Sign in using your MBU email address and network password.


To select which application you would like to open, left click on the icon one time.


This will download the RemoteApp. You will then need to open/run that download.

If using Google Chrome, you can select the down arrow on the right of the downloaded app, then select Always open files of this type. This will automatically open the app for you.


You will be prompted to enter your information a second time. Enter the same login info as before.


The first time you log into an app it may take a minute to load. Once it has loaded, it will work like any other application that you use on your computer until you close it.


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