DateMar 27, 2018
Issues Getting issues...


This release sees improvements to various applications, including Fitness Center Check-In and Res Life Housing Application. Additionally, a News and Tips message window was added to the Self-Service menu. Finally, the foundation was laid for the Task List module, which will be deployed in a later release.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Updated wording to Room Calendar to notify users how to request space on campus.
  2. Re-worked various menus for better mobile functionality.
  3. Laid the foundation for the Task List module, which will be released in the coming weeks.
  4. Updated the Res Life Housing Application to account for international students.
  5. Added a "personal email" question to the Res Life Housing Application.
  6. Added a "general roommate request" question to the Res Life Housing Application.
  7. Updated documentation on various modules.
  8. Updated tours where needed.
  9. Added News and Tips to the Self Service menu page.

All updates for this release

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