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DateJun 23, 2017
Issues24 issues


This release adds the EBB Feed Builder application as well as finishing up the reporting section for the ASC Check-In tool.  Also, various bug fixes and UI enhancements are included.

All updates for this release


  • SS-113 DONE Date/time picker and default date is broken and does not populate when you attempt to edit a record
  • SS-110 DONE If a user submits a blank form, a NULL record is added to the DB
  • SS-108 DONE Change default sorting for each reporting modal to be the date/time columns as appropriate
  • SS-103 DONE On reporting modals, the header is mismatched from the data until a sorting filter is selected


  • SS-99 DONE Add number of students in queue as a "pill" on the Queue modulenav link
  • SS-98 DONE Add icons to modulenav for various pages
  • SS-97 DONE Display only current/future visitors in the datatable
  • SS-96 DONE Determine logic for how long a name is displayed on the slide
  • SS-95 DONE Add General Links to profile dropdown
  • SS-88 DONE View current/future records
  • SS-87 DONE Web form - <first name>, <last name>, <visit date>
  • SS-86 DONE Create Self-Service Module - "Ebbfeedbuilder"
  • SS-85 DONE Preview of slide
  • SS-84 DONE Edit existing record
  • SS-83 DONE Delete record
  • SS-82 DONE Add alert notifying user that information has been updated
  • SS-49 DONE Add logic to check for Admin security group membership to access admin tools
  • SS-48 DONE Create Admin security group
  • SS-47 DONE Reporting - Add raw data for "Visits per Staff"
  • SS-46 DONE Reporting - Add raw data for "Raw Data"
  • SS-45 DONE Reporting - Add raw data for "Reasons per Visit"
  • SS-44 DONE Reporting - Add raw data for "Frequent Courses"
  • SS-43 DONE Reporting - Add raw data for "Reasons for Visit"
  • SS-42 DONE Reporting - Add raw data for "Visits"