DateJul 03, 2017
Issues18 issues


This release fleshes out the administrative side of the employee setup request system.  User permissions, task management, and communication are the main features added in this version.

All updates for this release


  • SS-138 DONE Only allow "completion" of an employee setup request when all tasks have been completed.


  • SS-134 DONE Allow admins to see all requests in 'submitted' and 'completed' but not 'pending'
  • SS-133 DONE Only allow users to see requests they've created in 'pending', 'submitted', and 'completed'
  • SS-132 DONE Notify the reporter of a completed employee setup
  • SS-131 DONE Only allow the complete/incomplete toggle to be usable by admins
  • SS-130 DONE Only show the 'complete' button in the tasks view for admins
  • SS-129 DONE Allow admin to delete from 'submitted' but not 'pending' or 'complete'
  • SS-128 DONE Allow Requester to delete records from 'pending' but not from 'submitted' or 'complete'
  • SS-127 DONE Associate task details with task in the view
  • SS-125 DONE Add a button or link to the tasks view that toggles the completion status of a task
  • SS-124 DONE Add a flag in the tasks table for completion of a task (along with a date)
  • SS-123 DONE Use the tasks table information for populating the tasks view
  • SS-122 DONE Insert rows to tasks table when a new setup request is submitted
  • SS-121 DONE Create a database table for tasks
  • SS-79 DONE Make to-do list viewable to reporter and admins and only editable by admins
  • SS-77 DONE Only allow request submission when form has been filled out to completion
  • SS-76 DONE Add ability to "complete" setup requests that notifies pertinent individuals of the completion
  • SS-75 DONE Add to-do list that utilizes information in submitted setup requests