DateJul 21, 2017
Issues16 issues


This update is the first after our push to production with the new Self Service interface.  It includes updates and fixes to the Employee Setup Request, as well as some feature improvements for the EBB Feed Builder.  Also, some minor updates to the Self Service system as a whole including a link to these change logs.

All updates for this release


  • SS-163 DONE Change global timezone to 'America/Chicago'
  • SS-158 DONE Date picker saves the correct date but displays current date to users
  • SS-149 DONE Pending setup requests cannot be edited if you are both the requester and an admin
  • SS-143 DONE Emails do not go to admins or requester when a new setup request is submitted
  • SS-142 DONE Add fixed width icons to globalnav dropdown and remove old css classes


  • SS-167 DONE Add requester email to submitted table (after request time)
  • SS-166 DONE Add requester name and email to completed table (after request time)
  • SS-160 DONE Add in Select Info doc customization
  • SS-159 DONE Add in FAFSA doc customization
  • SS-154 DONE Add link to changelog in self service globalnav
  • SS-153 DONE add requester info to delete modal (submitted)
  • SS-152 DONE Add requester info to delete modal (pending)
  • SS-151 DONE Add Requester info to "Pending" table
  • SS-145 DONE Clarify verbiage for optional questions/ add "none" option as needed
  • SS-141 DONE Add a "back" button from the tasks view on both "submitted" and "completed" employee setup requests
  • SS-94 DONE Add the ability to customize the "default message"