DateAug 11, 2017
Issues8 issues


This update fleshes out the Fitness Center Check-In application and fixes various undocumented bugs.

All updates for this release


  • SS-190 DONE College Level is not consistent in the ASC reporting


  • SS-183 DONE Notes admin - view note in modal on search screen
  • SS-182 DONE Notes admin - view all notes in desc order on search screen
  • SS-180 DONE Notes admin - update existing user note
  • SS-179 DONE Notes admin - delete a user note
  • SS-71 DONE Check-In - Utilize User Search package as a basis for searching
  • SS-59 DONE Check-In - Check for Recreational Activity Waiver completion
  • SS-55 DONE Information - Utilize User Search package to search for users without checking them in