DateAug 30, 2017
Issues12 issues


This release adds the Admissions Inquiry Import Tool, as well as enhancements to the Dorm Student Lookup and Fitness Center Check-In.

All updates for this release


  • SS-223 DONE College Fair parsing
  • SS-222 DONE Student Paths parsing
  • SS-220 DONE Allow user to search for particular job IDs within CAMSimportgeneric
  • SS-219 DONE Allow user to delete specific records from CAMSimportgeneric
  • SS-218 DONE Show table of data after import into CAMSimportgeneric
  • SS-217 DONE Change the hard coded term to be a variable with a user choice in drop-down
  • SS-212 DONE Stage inquiry file in the CAMSimportgeneric table
  • SS-211 DONE Allow for file import (.csv)
  • SS-210 DONE Create a webform with a dropdown for import templates
  • SS-63 DONE Information - Show visit history by month
  • SS-61 DONE Registration Management - Ability to add a new registration
  • SS-58 DONE Information - Show visit history by day of week