If you do not have a SQL Server account, you will need to contact Heather Brase at Heather.Brase@mobap.edu

Make sure Remote Applications are Available
Before attempting, be sure to have remote applications available by setting up the remote connection which can be done by following the directions in the Remote Desktop Access ***NO LONGER SUPPORTED*** KB Article.
Establishing the ODBC Connection

To setup the ODBC connection, open the File Explorer (Work Resources) application (sign in if prompted). Looking at the options on the left hand side, Navigate to the System (C:) or your Local Disk Drive. When on the C:, use the top right search bar to search for ODBC Data Sources. You will need to select the ODBC Data Sources (64-bit), or (32-bit) if needed from the list of choices when the search is finished. If there is two of an option, either will work as they are just two different paths to the same option.

Setting up ODBC - Setting Up CAMS DB for MS Access

Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\Data Sources (ODBC).lnk
Under the User DSN tab, choose Add…

Select the SQL Server for your driver

Hit Next

Default Option

Client Configuration… Default Option

Hit OK and hit Next

Default Option

Hit Next
Default Option

Hit Finish
Hit OK on the confirmation screen

Once ODBC is Configured, you can close out and navigate back to your remote apps. Use the Access 2016 (Work Resources) and you should be able to run queries as needed.

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