If you need assistance or do not have the Smart Touch application, Scanner driver, or the Integration Kit installed, please contact the IT Helpdesk: helpdesk@mobap.edu or 314-392-2377.

Configure Smart Touch for Filebound

  1. Select Show hidden icons on the Windows taskbar (the up-arrow ^ symbol), right-click on the scanner logo, and choose Configure... (Picture 1 Below) 
  2. Under Task shortcut: select the number you want to edit.

Change the following:

  • Task shortcut: Select Rename... and change it to the desired name.
  • Destination: Select the  button and choose FileBound Connect.
    • If FileBound Connect is not there, select Custom Application...
      • Destination Name: Name it FileBound Connect
      • Path name: select Browse... > This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > FileBound > FileBound Connect > select FBConnect.exe > OK.
  • File type: Select the drop-down menu and choose TIFF - Multi-page for the best compatibility with FileBound, or another file type if you know what you need. 
  • Settings shortcut: Select Settings..., select the desired option.
    • If you don't see what you want, select which color you want (Black and White or Color), hit Save As... and name it, then hit OK to create a new setting shortcut.
      • Input document is: to choose single-sided or double-sided as needed
      • Click the Settings > button in the bottom left corner of the window and make sure the following are set (These are the minimum settings for quality):
        • Scan as: Grayscale (8-bit) for black and white, Color (24-bit) for color.
        • Resolution: at least 200 dpi
        • Compression: Type JPEG, Quality Good
  • Review all of the check boxes and select the ones you would like to use (Name file prior to saving, Edit images prior to saving, etc.) - These settings are optional and not required for FileBound.
  • Hit Apply.
  • Select the Task shortcut: drop-down menu, choose the next option, and repeat the steps above.

One you have everything configured:

  • Open FileBound Connect on the desktop. Leave the Username and Password fields blank, check the remember box and hit Next. If you are prompted with a Configuration window when attempting to login in https://filebound.mobap.edu in the URL field and click OK.

Configure Smart Touch for Scanning to Folder or Email:

  • Change the Destination to File or Email. If you choose File, change the Folder: location by selecting Browse... and choose the desired location.

Reference Pictures:

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