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This tool allow for the generation of an enrollment file for our TMS vendor. TMS is the organization that assists in processing student loan refunds.

Accessing the Tool

Navigate your web browser to and log in using your MBU credentials. Once you have logged in, click on the TMS Enrollment File icon under Financial Services.

Using the Tool

This tool provides two ways to pull back enrollment information used for our TMS vendor.

Batch Enrollment File

A batch enrollment file tries to pull only students who should be enrolled in the TMS tool (i.e. they are potentially eligible to receive a student loan refund.

Simply press the Run Batch Enrollment button to initiate the building of an enrollment file. After the file is complete, it will be displayed in a table format which you can then download for use in the TMS web application.

List Enrollment File

A list enrollment file bypasses all checks that the batch enrollment looks for and simply pulls student information by Student ID. That is, if you give it a list of student IDs, it will attempt to build an enrollment file for those students. This is useful in instances where we are issuing refunds to students who otherwise wouldn't be eligible to receive a refund (deposit refunds, waived fees, tuition adjustments, etc.)

Simply copy/paste student IDs (one per line) into the text area to search for those particular students.

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