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The Task List module allows users to create, edit, and complete tasks on a to-do list. Users can add a Due Date if they desire. When a task is completed, users can toggle the completion status (checking/unchecking the task). Users can also reorder the task list to maintain a priority.

Accessing the Tool

Navigate your web browser to and log in using your MBU credentials. Once you've logged in, click the Task List icon under General Applications.

Using the Tool

Add a Task

  • Type a task description in the text box provided.
  • Add a Due Date, if desired.
  • Click Add Task.

Manage Tasks

Once you have added tasks to your list, you will have various options to manage them:

  • Clicking the and icons toggle the completion of the task.
  • Clicking the icon allows you to edit the Task Description and Due Date for the task.
  • Clicking the icon deletes the task.
  • Clicking and dragging the icon allows you to reorder the tasks and updates their Priority.

  • Export Tasks allows you to download a CSV file of your current tasks.
  • Delete Completed removes all completed tasks from your list.

View My Tasks on Self-Service

The global navigation bar for Self-Service allows you easy access to the Task List module, as well as giving you at-a-glance information about what you have left to do from anywhere inside of Self-Service.

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