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Purchasing technology equipment requires budget money to be available. This article describes how department directors and division chairs can request money for technology equipment.

Step-by-step guide

The Business Office will send a budget spreadsheet each fall to everyone who manages a budget.

  1. Open the budget worksheet and select the tab named "Equipment Needs"
  2. Two different strategies, but can be combined, as shown in screen snip below:
    1. Enter all of your equipment in use and request 20% each year to replace your technology on a 5-year cycle. See lines 7, 8, 9 below.
      1. Item request: Desktop PCs, Laptop PCs, displays, desktop scanners, desktop printers are just a few examples. 
      2. Requested Amount: use a formula for 20% times the quantity times the anticipated purchase price. The formula for the requested amount on line 7 below is: =0.2*5*615
      3. The benefit of this method is that you do not have to know exactly what equipment will fail in the next 20 months in order to budget for its timely replacement. It also is good to see everything on one page to help you see what technology you are committed to maintaining and think about whether your department really needs all of that equipment to accomplish its mission.
    2. Enter specific equipment that you want to replace in the next budget and specific person who will be assigned to use it. See lines 10 and 11 below.