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  1. Send an email to requesting assistance with purchasing technology equipment. Please include
    1. Type of equipment, e.g. "Desktop Computer and display screen".
    2. Quantities of each item.
    3. End users of the equipment. The Business Office requires this to be on the PO request.
    4. Department account code to use for the purchase order request.
  2. IT will write up the PO request with the specific model numbers, quote numbers, purchase prices and account codes, and send to you as a spreadsheet.
  3. Verify that the quantities, end users, and account codes are correct, then send the PO request to the department head or division chair.
  4. Department head or division chair approves and sends to senior VP over department or division.
  5. Senior VP over department or division approves and sends to Accounts Payable (AP) office.
  6. Wait for the AP office to process the PO request and issue the PO number.
    1. They will send the PO request back to the main Business Office for one of the accountants to check your budget for available funds. 
    2. If they have a question, they may contact you. 
    3. If it is approved, it will then be sent back to AP.
    4. AP will assign the next sequential PO number to the PO request, turning it into an approved PO.
    5. AP will email the PO to you.
  7. Send electronic image of the approved PO with PO number back to the IT staff person who sent you the PO request. 
  8. IT will place the order.
  9. IT will contact you to schedule the installation after the item(s) are received and any necessary preparation is done.
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