If you would like to request a line, please contact IT at helpdesk@mobap.edu to setup a request. We provide one line per department and additional lines will be at a cost. IT can request a quote for the cost of the additional lines as needed. 

Below are the instructions for sending and receiving via eFax. These instructions were mostly distributed by eFax and can be found in your welcome email from eFax Corporate as well. 

When your account is created and a number is assigned, a welcome email with instructions for setting up the account information will sent to the email attached to the Fax Number.

Instructions for Using eFax via Email

Receiving Faxes

• Someone sends a fax to your eFax number.
• Your fax will arrive as an email from eFax.
• Open the email and your fax will be attached. Double click on the attachment to open your fax. Open PDFs with Acrobat Reader®, view TIFF and EFX files with our free eFax Messenger software.

Sending Faxes

By Email

Create a new email message
• Address it to your recipient's fax number, followed by "@efaxsend.com." U.S. and CANADA - always include the calling code (1), even when faxing within the country. The email address for a fax sent to 1 (323) 123-4567 would be 13231234567@efaxsend.com.
GLOBAL - include the country code even when faxing within the country. A fax sent in the UK to (0) 20 7555 1234 would be addressed 442075551234@efaxsend.com.
• Attach the documents you want to fax.
• Click send.


Helpful Tips
1. Distribute your eFax number on business cards, stationery and your electronic signature.
2. You may also view, store and even send faxes by logging into your eFax Message Center at www.efaxcorporate.com/myaccount/login.
3. Learn more about your service: FAQ's - User Guide - My Account
If you have any questions please contact your Account Administrator.

Instructions for Using eFax Corporate Account

Login at https://www.efaxcorporate.com/myaccount/login. The credentials for the account are the credentials created by and maintained by the owner of the account. 

After logging into the account, you will be presented with a splash screen giving a few option on how to manage the account. The options at the top match the options on the home page for easy accessibility. 

If you select "View Faxes", you will be presented with the Message Center, or an Inbox, where you can select the faxes you would like to view, rename folders, and even compose a new fax as well.

When you select the "Send Faxes" option, you will receive a small window simply asking for more information to send. 

"Reports" will give you a detailed report of usage based on a time frame specified. 

"Account Details will give you information about the account and you can also change account information, such as your password, from this interface as well. 

Lastly, there is also a "Help" option for basic troubleshooting but of course, IT is available to assist if there are issues as well. 

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