The Course Offering Web Search can be located at the following web address:

When you pull up the site, you will see various search parameters that are at your disposal.

  1. Semester - This is the only required search parameter. Select one or more semesters from the drop down list.
  2. Subject Area - Select one or more subject areas to search for classes (e.g. "Accounting", "Chemistry", "Economics", etc.)
  3. Campus - Select one or more campuses to search for classes (NOTE: "OLP" and "Distance Learning" let you search for online/web courses).
  4. Course Level - Select one or more course levels to search for classes (e.g. "Undergraduate", "Masters", "Doctoral", etc.).
  5. Days Offered - Select one or more days of the week you would like to search for classes on (NOTE: If you select only "Monday", you will get every class that meets on Monday – even if they meet on other days as well).
  6. Start Time Between - Select a start and end time that you would like to search for classes between.

Reset Search Parameters will reset the search form back to the default values. After a search has been completed, your search terms will persist. You can clear all parameters by clicking this button.

Submit Course Search initiates the search for courses based on your selected search parameters.

Hide/Show Search Parameters collapses and expands the search parameters form.


Once a search has been completed, your results will be listed in the table below the search form.

By clicking on the hyperlink of a particular Course name, you can pull up detailed information pertaining to that course.



For Flexible Schedule classes, you will also see the individual meeting times listed.

 You can customize how many results are displayed on a particular page. Also, you can export your search results to Excel.


By typing in the search bar in the upper right corner, you can live-filter the results to be more specific. In this example, we were looking for all classes taught by Professor Noddings.


The bottom of the results table will show you how many results were returned by your search parameters, as well as allow you to navigate between pages of results.


 Each column is sortable (alphabetic) to allow you to organize your results easier. You can sort the columns by clicking on the arrows in the header row.


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