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The regularly scheduled system update time is each Wednesday beginning at 4am and ending on or before 7am. During this time any of the following services may be taken offline by the update process, as many of the updates require a system restart. All services should be available again by 7am.

  • Internet connectivity from main campus network
  • CAMS
  • myMBU Access (CAMS portals for student, faculty, staff)
  • Network file services (Windows PC desktop files, mapped drives J:, K:, etc.)
  • FileBound
  • Remote Applications (
  • Dynamics GP
  • Any other services hosted on the main campus

Please note: MBU email and other Microsoft365 services are hosted by Microsoft and will not be interrupted by Wednesday maintenance. If you have access to the Internet, you have access to your MBU email using any modern desktop or mobile browser with Outlook On the Web at, as well as the Outlook desktop and mobile applications, or your choice of several other Android and iOS mobile email applications.

If you are attempting to use any of these systems during this time period, please be aware of and take precautions against lack of availability or sudden service loss while using them.

IT-managed PCs will automatically restart after their Wednesday morning updates during this time window, even if you are logged on. Please be sure you have saved and closed any documents before end of day Tuesday.

Thanks for your understanding and patience while we work to keep MBU services running efficiently and securely.