DateJun 16, 2017
Issues4 issues


  • Addition of a modal that is presented upon login (once per browser session) for users who do not have a personal email address (Email2) on file in CAMS. The modal allows for the user to submit an email address or dismiss the notification.
  • A news item has also been added in the banner with a link to re-open the modal, if desired.
  • If the user updates their personal email, they will be presented with a "thank you" message.
  • If a user has a personal email on file, they will not see any option to update this information. It is only for those without an Email2 on file.

All updates for this release


  • MYMBU-4 DONE Fix link for footer logo image


  • MYMBU-3 DONE Add email validation to personal email modal
  • MYMBU-2 DONE Deploy "pesonal email" changes to production (v1.2.2)
  • MYMBU-1 DONE Update documentation to add information about "personal email" popup