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When you pull up the site, you will see various search parameters that are at your disposal.

  1. Semester - This is the only required search parameter. Select one or more semesters from the drop down list.
  2. Subject Area - Select one or more subject areas to search for classes (e.g. "Accounting", "Chemistry", "Economics", etc.)
  3. Campus - Select one or more campuses to search for classes (NOTE: "OLP" and "Distance Learning" let you search for online/web courses).
  4. Course Level - Select one or more course levels to search for classes (e.g. "Undergraduate", "Masters", "Doctoral", etc.).
  5. Days Offered - Select one or more days of the week you would like to search for classes on (NOTE: If you select only "Monday", you will get every class that meets on Monday – even if they meet on other days as well).
  6. Start Time Between - Select a start and end time that you would like to search for classes between.

Reset Search Parameters will reset the search form back to the default values. After a search has been completed, your search terms will persist, you . You can clear all parameters by clicking this button.

Submit Course Search initiates the search for courses based on your selected search parameters.

Hide/Show Search Parameters collapses and expands the search parameters form.