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The MBU email system filters out much junk/spam mail before it reaches your inbox. Items that are suspected junk should be sent to your "Junk Email" folder in your mailbox. To reduce the amount of spam that you receive in your inbox, ensure that junk email filtering is enabled on your mailbox.

  1. From your email inbox in Outlook on the Web (, click on the settings gear and select "mail" Mail
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  2. Select "Block Accounts->Block or allow" from the menu at left
  3. To enable suspected junk email to be sent to your "Junk Email" folder, select Automatically filter junk email
  4. To stop suspected junk items from being sent to your junk email "Junk Email" folder, then select "Don't move email to my Junk Email folder". Note: you will receive more junk mail in your inbox if you turn this feature off.
  5. Click "Save" at the top of the options window.
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  6. To disable the "Clutter" feature
    1. Select "Clutter" from the mail options menu at left 
    2. Un-check the box in front of "Separate items identified as clutter".
    3. Click "Save"
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