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The Fitness Center Check-In System


 is designed to manage check-ins and registrations for the SRC Fitness Center.  This guide will help with completing tasks and provide workflow for using the system.  

Generally speaking, before any person may use the Fitness Center, they must have completed a Recreational Activity Waiver.  This can be done by following the instructions for Completing a Recreational Activity Waiver.

Accessing the Fitness Center Check-In System


To access the Fitness Center Check-In System, navigate your browser to

  • For administrators:  Log in with
  • your MBU network credentials.
  • For desk attendants: Log in with
  • the MBU network credentials.

Upon login, you will be presented with a menu of resources you are eligible to use based on your account permissions.  Select the Fitness Center Check-In



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Check-In a Member to the Fitness Center


Upon selecting the Fitness Center Check-In icon, an attendant will be automatically set-up for check-in.  The label text at the top of the screen indicates that you are in


the Fitness Center Check-In portion of the application.  The search bar is autofocused and prepped for the barcode scanner.  All the attendant needs to do is scan the barcode.

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In the event that a member does not have their ID with them, an attendant can search for the user using the Advanced Search link below the barcode search bar.  

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Searching a Last Name will return all matching results (students/employees/alumni/family) and the attendant will need to filter down to the correct user record.  Then, press the Select button of the particular record to attempt to check-in that member.

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Whether through scanning a barcode or by searching for the member by last name, the result is the same: If a valid record is found, the attendant will be presented with the results of the attempted check-in.

The attendant will see the picture of the member, along with several pieces of general information (to help verify identity if necessary).  Below the general information will be a bar declaring the status of the check-in:

  • Check-In Complete– Successful check-in, no further action is required.
  • First time at Fitness Center– This member has never been to the Fitness Center before and needs to be briefed on the services, amenities, and rules.
  • Check-In Failed– There are various reasons why a check-in can fail:
    • They have not completed
    • Recreational Activity Waiver.
    • They do not have any free passes remaining (Students only).
    • They do not have an active registration (Alumni/Spartan Members only).

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Based on the results of the check-in will require action by the attendant (e.g. if they have not completed their Recreational Activity Waiver, the attendant will need to instruct them to do so).


Search for a Particular Member (no check-in)


If an attendant needs to look up information about a particular member without checking them in (e.g. to get the phone number of a member who left their wallet at the SRC), the attendant can do so by using the Information


 portion of the application.  Simply clicking the Information button in the top-of-screen navigation will allow this.


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The attendant will be presented with a similar search utility as with the Check-In


 portion of the application, but the label will have changed to say Search User Information.

Upon successful search, an information page will be presented to the attendant with many pieces of information:

  • General Information – This information is used for identifying and contacting the member if needed.
  • Fitness Center Information – The gray box in the middle of the screen is intended as an activity center for the Fitness Center's use.  Here you can see if/when the member completed their Activity Waiver, if they have free passes remaining, if they have an active Registration, etc.  Additionally, attendants have the ability to add Notes and Alerts
  •  to a member's account if needed (see below).
  • Reporting Information – At the bottom of the screen is some very basic reporting information to see the member's visit history by day of week and by month.

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Adding/Viewing Notes and Alerts


Attendants can add Notes and Alerts


 to a particular member's account by following these directions:

  1. Search for a particular user using the Information tab (alternatively, this can also be done via Registration Management).
  2. Click the green View Notes and Alerts button in the gray box.
  3. A pop-up box will appear with all current notes and a form to fill out for adding a new note.

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Use the table tools provided to filter/sort the current notes at your discretion.

To add a new note, select




 from the drop-down box and add a Description


 in the box provided.  When done, click the Add Note




Managing Registrations


An attendant can begin Registration Management


 by clicking the appropriate button in the top-of-page navigation.  A table will appear with all registrations currently on file.  Using the table tools provided the attendant can sort/filter the results down to the particular registration they wish to manage.  Clicking the Select


 button will pull up detailed information concerning that registration.

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The attendant can use the drop-down choices to manage the registration of the member.

  • Changing
  • the Registration Type
  •  changes the dates that the registration is good for.
  • Changing the Group Fitness Pass
  •  changes whether the member is registered for group fitness classes during the registration period.
  • Changing the Registration Status
  •  changes whether the member has paid for their registration.

As changes are made to the Registration Type


 and Group Fitness Pass


 fields, the Total Cost will change appropriately.  The attendant may be required to collect money and change the Registration Status


 to Paid.  In this event, the attendant should also enter




 with Type of Payment.


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Add New/Renewed Registration


To add a new registration to an existing member (i.e. someone who has filled out the Alumni/Spartan Member


 registration form), click the Add New Registration


 button on the top-right.

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You will be presented with a table of users to which you can add a registration.  Click the Select button for the individual to which you would like to add a new registration.  You will be able to edit the registration fields in the same way you could if you were managing an existing registration (see above).

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