Two factor Authentication is required for all MBU users.

When you sign into your account, you will be prompted with "More Information Required" Screen. Click Next.

You will then be prompted with a setup page. This is where you can decide what method you would like to use. Microsoft offers three options, The Microsoft Authentication app, a text to your cellphone, or a call to your cellphone.

Below are the steps for going through Multi-Factor Authentication.

Follow the directions on Screen, then select "Next".

Follow the directions on Screen, then select "Next".

It will then prompt you with a screen with a QR code on it.

Open the Authentication application on your device and Select "Add Account".

The application may prompt you for a backup, just click "Continue".

The application then prompts for the kind of Account. Click "Work or School Account".

This will bring up the camera on your device, line the camera up with the QR Code on your screen.

It will automatically take the picture.

Your account will now be set up with the two factor authentication.

You can select your account for more information here.

This more information screen will give a manual code if the alert below does not come up on your phone.

Once you have set up the authentication on your device, go back to your computer and select "Next".

It will then send a notification to your device that you set up with two factor. Select "Approve".

Your desktop will now say it is approved. Select "Next".

You have now set up two factor on your account. Select "Done".

If you see this message, refresh the web page with the QR code on it, and scan the code again.

If you would like to set your phone up without downloading the application, select "I want to Set Up a Different Method".

Click the Dropdown arrow on the box that appeared and select "Phone".

Once "Phone" is selected, click "Confirm".

On this page, select the country you live in and input your phone number into the box.
Then select if you would like it to call you or send you a text message.
Then select "Next".

If you selected the "Text me a code" option it will bring you to this page.
Input the code that was texted to your device into the spot highlighted by the box.
Once you have entered the code, select "Next".

Once the code has been verified it will bring you a confirmation page. Select "Next".

You have now set up two factor via text message. Click "Done".

If using the "Call Me" option it will bring you to this screen, wait for a call on your cell phone to come through
It will prompt you to select the "#" button on your device.

Once selected it will confirm your verification and bring you to this screen, select "Next".

You have now set up two factor via cell phone call on your account.
Click "Done".

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