NOTE: Each Android device has its own native mail app – this will result in some difference between field names and order.

Go to Settings and then add an account under the Accounts settings.

From the list of types, select your device’s native mail app. This is usually called just “Mail” or “Email.” Do NOT choose Exchange ActiveSync.

On the first screen, enter:

Select “Manual Setup” to go to the detailed incoming mail settings, and enter:

Select “Next.” It will take a moment to check the server settings, and then to go to the detailed outgoing mail settings. Enter:

Select “Next.” It will take a few moments for the server to connect and the sync to start.

When it does, you may be prompted to choose your account options. Pick whatever fits your needs.

To finish, you will be prompted to select a name for the mailbox and to enter the name that will appear in the From field when you send mail (e.g., IT Accounts).

Now the shared mailbox should appear as an additional account in your mail app.