This page is intended to detail some "best practices" to consider when changing your password.  


Fairly simply, the longer the better.

Password vs. Passphrase

This is connected with password length, in that the longer the password, the more secure it is.  Thus, b1gb0y97 is no where near as secure as PresidentNeighborFriend3502.  In addition to being more secure, passphrases have the benefit of being much more memorable than passwords with complexity (e.g. i changed to 1 and o changed to 0) .  Here's a visual explanation as to why:


Word of Mouth and Pen

Multi-factor Authentication

In order to reset your password using the Password Reset Portal, you must have a non-MBU email address on file with the University.  When you initiate a password reset, an email will be sent to this non-MBU email address with a unique code.  That code must be entered to the Password Reset Portal before you can finish your password reset.


For more detailed information about password complexity requirements, click here:

 Password Choice and Security - Additional Resources